• Next-Generation Communication Infrastructure
    Next-Generation Communication Infrastructure
  • IoT and Mobile communication infrastructure
    IoT and Mobile communication infrastructure
  • Edge Computing Infrastructure
    Edge Computing Infrastructure with Artificial Intelligence
  • Architecting The Hyper-Connected Digital Platforms
    Architecting The Hyper-Connected Digital Platforms
  • Benchmarking the Digital Infrastructure with Digital Building Index (DBI)
    Benchmarking the Digital Infrastructure with Digital Building Index (DBI)
  •  Innovations Driving the Digital Transformation
    Innovations Driving the Digital Transformation
  • Enabling Super Wi-Fi Services & Smart Spaces in Canada
    Enabling Super Wi-Fi Services & Smart Spaces in Canada



We drive business outcomes with digital innovative solutions derived from data-insight and knowledge; implemented with care through collaboration. We deliver creative and practical solutions, which advances organization service to fulfill there goals.



Our industry experiences, combined with deep technical and business knowledge, in both academic and products are leaverages to create relevant, innovation and affordable solutions for our partners. 

iG2 Group Inc.  Enabling The Digital Economy

Founded in 2009, iG2 Group Inc. (iG2) is a Canadian company, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

iG2 enables organizations to move forward with innovative solutions derived from data-insight and knowledge; and implemented with care for those who it services and relies on. Our focus is to right-size innovation and advancement to deliver practical solutions, which advances organization service delivery to be better, faster, cheaper, and most importantly fulfills the business needs. iG2 Group has many experienced industry professional, and Ph.Ds on staff with more than 100 years combined industry experiences.

We will guide you along your IT transformation journey. Our approach starts with a thorough understanding of our customers’ requirements. Next, we collaboratively developed a solution and implementation roadmap based on data, experiences and business foresight. iG2 Team focuses on delivering measurable business outcomes. From Creating Hybrid-IT solutions to Next Generation greenfield solution. Our approach is guided by data and the desire to deliver real value to our customers and partners.

iG2 Group Inc.  is a Solution and Task-based Vendor of Record for the Ontario and Federal Canada Government.

"advancing knowledge with work"



iG2 Group Inc. has assembled the best-qualified talent in the IT industry, including dedicated senior IT professional and engineers, to offer the best combination of professional experience, specialized knowledge, and creative problem-solving for our customers’ IT projects. Our focus is to drive business success with technology, insight and innovation by working collaboratively with our clients to identify and delivery practical creative solutions. We methodology involves understanding the business, analysing the data and developing a road maps based on business insight, data intelligence and customer preferences.


iG2 was born as an infrastructure company, with more than 20 years of extensive experiences, helping our clients transition to next generation platforms by designing, implement and operating infrastructure solutions.

o   SD-WAN and SD-LAN Data-driven Network Solution

o   Next Generation Intelligent network security

  Many Metro Network Solution (Fibre and Radio)

o   Metro Wi-Fi solutions

o   Large Scale Virtual Infrastructure Platform

o   Enterprise DDOS protection solution

o   Purpose built private cloud
o   Purpose built hybrid cloud and cloud broker solution

o   Custom solution for enterprise CRM application

o   Custom solutions for Secure sensitive data exchange platform


Security and Cyber Protections is the no 1 risk which faces most of our clients and its is our no1 area of practise and service, with an expert security team.  (4 PhD’s and CISSP). 8 Domains of Practices

o   Security and Risk Management.

o   Asset Security.

o   Security Engineering.

o   Communications and Network Security.

o   Identity and Access Management.

o   Security Assessment and Testing.

o   Security Operations.

o   Software Development Security.

o   Advance Next Generation Network Solution

o  DDOS protection solution

o  Threat Intelligence technology implementation

o  IoT VA Scanning technology


Innovation defines iG2 that is why we focus on science and research, which drives the digital revolution and system of engagements today. We have invested our time and efforts to contribute to the industry and provide business with out of the box innovations and ideas. We have many patents filed in a) Sensor -based network; b) IoT Security; c) Encrypted Data Analysis; and d) Data Behaviour Analysis: Active Research includes:

o  IoT Security (iG2 Patent pending)

o  Encrypted research solution (iG2 Patent pending)

o  Blockchain and Fabric ledger (Product development)

o  Data Aware Fog computing appliance with Kubernetes (Product development)

We also promote Innovations with our " driving the knowledge economy" tech-talk series, where we discuss trending distruptive and IT security technologies.





iG2 Research and Development team (R & D) primary focus is to address key business problems. Our experienced research team had address many industry problems and continues to innovate, both in product development and engineering solutions. iG2 Group Inc Research are in collaboration with École de technologie supérieure (ETS, Montreal, Canada); Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada); University of Toronto (Toronto, Canada); Partially sponsored by The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and Mitacs  


Security & IoT
o  An IoT security shied 

o  An Encryption Search Engine (CryptoSearch)
o  Encrypted Data Malware scanner

o  Enterprise DDOS Protection (integrated OEM)

IT Infrastructure
o   Secure data inter-exchange solution
o   SD-WAN, NG-SEC and SD-LAN for Branch offices 
o  Attribute based Storage system (Cloud- based SAN).
o   An energy aware orchestrion plug-in for Openstack 
o   Product is markets as DCIMRover (in Partnership with Intel Corporation)


We have contributed to science and information technology in many ways including our white papers that cover many topics such as IoT Sercurity, Threat Analysis, Edge Computing, Sensor communication Network, SD-WAN, Ambient Computing, Ambient Data Center, Next Generation Security, Fog Computing Security, Behaviour Based analytics and much more

Data Science:
o  Complex data behaviour analytics, using self organizing maps (SOM); original publish in 2006, then 2010, 2013 and 2017; Tool under revision
o  Threat Analyser, based on data behaviour and shape analysis.

o  Edge Computing with Artifical Intelligence

o  Data Mart ecosystem for data donors