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iG2 Group Inc. enables organizations to transform and move forward with digital innovative solutions derived from data-insight and knowledge; and implemented with care. Our focus is for right-size innovation and advancement to deliver practical solutions, which advances organization service delivery to be better, faster, cheaper, and most importantly fulfills the business needs. iG2 Group is a team of season industry and academic experts, who combined has more than 75 years of enterprise and public sector expertise. In addition, iG2 research team continues to innovate with patents (provisional) in Cyber-Security, Sensor-based Software Defined Networks and Machine Learning.

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iG2 Group Inc.

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iG2 Group Inc.

© 2015 PRIVACY POLICY | iG2 Group 

Data Sheets

DCIMRover enables power-aware compute orchestration, End-to-End Data Center Power Monitoring, Analysis and Control. Its agentless, it enables optimization of space, power and cooling in the data center. Provides a holistic view of Data Center energy usage across both IT and Facility disciplines. Real time thermal and power data analysis and trends across the Data Center.


Intel has released a modern solution surpassing KVM (keyboard-video-mouse) hardware with a firmware-based capability embedded directly into the server. The KVMRover Gateway is delievered either as a console or as an SDK, reducing complexity and adding new capability beyond the limits of hardware switches by elminating the need for complicated and expensive KVM infrastructure with an innovative software solution.