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iG2 Group Inc. enables organizations to transform and move forward with digital innovative solutions derived from data-insight and knowledge; and implemented with care. Our focus is for right-size innovation and advancement to deliver practical solutions, which advances organization service delivery to be better, faster, cheaper, and most importantly fulfills the business needs. iG2 Group is a team of season industry and academic experts, who combined has more than 75 years of enterprise and public sector expertise. In addition, iG2 research team continues to innovate with patents (provisional) in Cyber-Security, Sensor-based Software Defined Networks and Machine Learning.

Experiencing digital Innovation

About iG2 Group Inc.

iG2 Group Inc.

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Our architecture services create a customized reference architecture that aligns business and technology requirements for storage, backup, data network, network security and cloud solutions.




Our deployment services finalize all design elements, plan the deployment of a solution, and then execute and test against the plan. These deployment services are also for storage, backup, data network, network security and cloud solutions.




A set of services that ensure the customer’s environment is configured using industry/vendor best practices. Our consultants will provide reports on findings and gaps to ensure customers’ infrastructure and technologies are tuned for maximum performance. 



iG2 Group Inc.

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iG2 Group Services




Consulting Services


iG2 Group provides a project management, workflow, and reporting platform for security assessments. It enables rapid execution of project tasks, integrates with many of our security assessment tools, and facilitates efficient report generation and consultant collaboration. We provide large scale efficiencies, allowing consultants more time on in depth analysis, as
 a collaborative extension of the consulting expertise that iG2 Group Inc. provides.


Cloud Services


From deploying to build, migrate, and operate a cloud environment. Whether you choose to build and run or acquire



Solution Development


We’ll guide you along your IT transformation journey. Our approach starts with a thorough understanding of our customers’ requirements. Next, we carefully craft a unique solution, designing cutting-edge data center infrastructure. We then analyze and re-platform the applications at hand to deliver outstanding results.


iG2 Group Inc. Focus Areas


- End Point Security

- Wide Area Networks

- Data Analytics

- Cloud Computing  






20+ Years of Professional Experience