Our architecture services create a customized reference architecture that aligns business and technology requirements for storage, backup, data network, network security and cloud solutions.



Technology can be complex, our solutioning services focus on working with businesses to find opportunities to create solutions that are effective, simple, creative and address the business objectives. We help you transform your business for the future with our extensive and thorough business and data analysis.



A set of services that ensure your business processes are understood, and trends are identified using math, science and data. With our unique approach we inspect, transform and model your data to support your business decisions and highlight your strengths or potentials for maximum performance.



The Internet of Everything (IoE) connects processes, people, data and things so maintaining a secure network is paramount. Companies and organizations need to confirm that their security strategy is aligned with their business objectives and can adapt to threats. Validation of the security of their network infrastructure and maintaining the flexibility to maneuver in changing business conditions is important while keeping data safe and secure.



Data networks is the bed-rock of all IT systems and service and they must be design with the business needs and security in mind. With the advent of software defined network, function virtualization and wireless everywhere, data network has become a critical asset. In addition, the cyber and IoT thread has increased the risk risk domain and particular care must be given to data networks.  iG2 team has more than 20 years designing, implementing, securing and operating some of the largest exterprise networks in Canada.


Analyzing data allows your business to make better and faster decisions using data that was unable to be understood or unusable. Using advanced analytics techniques such as text analytics, machine learning, predictive analytics, data mining, and statistics, we can help your business to carefully study untapped data sources independent or together with existing business data to gain new insights resulting in significantly better and faster decisions.



iG2 was born as an infrastructure company, with more than 20 years of extensive experiences, helping our clients transition to next generation Platforms by designing, implement and operating infrastructure solutions. Cloud Computing platform represent the transformation to the programmable infrastructure and provides an opportunity for organization to deliver IT, better, faster and cheaper. 

Cloud Computing does come with it challenges. Among them are security, operations, service assurance and data privacy.  iG2 help organization unravell the various complexity and right-sized a solution for your business. 


Our goal is to help our clients succeed by being relevant to current and emerging business needs and opportunity made available through IT technologies. We provide pathways via Hybrid-IT solutions to the new. In addition, we highlight relevant technology and industry trend which are pertinent and can be advantages to the business in achieving success i.e. highlight the relevance of advanced data analytics in understanding and predicting customer behaviour. 

·         Business Re-engineering

·         Hybrid IT solution

·         Next generation green field IT solution


We’ll guide you along your IT transformation journey. Our approach starts with a thorough understanding of our customers’ requirements. Next, we carefully craft a unique solution, designing cutting-edge data center infrastructure. We then analyze and re-platform the applications at hand to deliver outstanding results.


iG2 Team focuses on delivering measurable business outcomes. From Creating Hybrid-IT solutions to Next Generation greenfield solution. Our approach is guided by data and the desire to deliver real value to our customers and partners.